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Language category: German
Country: Germany

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A-viva language school
Tel: +49 69 9434 0963

Rotlinststraße 64
60316 Frankfurt

We offer programs in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese and other languages on request. All programs run year-round, including vacation courses for summer, winter, spring break and other holiday periods. The A-viva CLASS concept (Culture. Language. Arts. Sports. Social events) is based on the principles of “learning by having fun” – when learning is fun, students are motivated, and learning becomes effective.
We are strategically located in Frankfurt, a city that is: * voted one of the best cities to live in the world; * dotted with world class museums; * accentuated by the rich contrast of charming centuries-old landmarks and dazzling modern-day architecture; * surrounded by magnificent cathedrals, fairytale castles, stunning landscapes and romantic medieval towns in the vicinity; * in the heart of the country known for its great beer and warm hospitality; * home to a large young, international population attracted by the city´s cultural diversity and economic strength; * the center of Europe, within hours of travel from Paris, Prague, Amsterdam, Zurich, Brussels, Berlin, Munich…