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Language category: Italian
Country: Italy

Italian Courses

Tel: +39 0184 599828

Via Roma 14
18038 Sanremo

THE SCHOOL OMNILINGUA is a small, professional school that prides itself on its family atmosphere. It is recognised by ASILS (Association of Italian schools as a second language) and has received “International Excellence Awards” for outstanding services and a high level of customer satisfaction.
OMNILINGUA is situated in the famous resort town of Sanremo, close to the small port. The school building has a long literary and academic tradition dating back to the 1940’s when Italo Calvino, the famous Italian writer studied here. Following in his footsteps, OMNILINGUA’s objective is to offer high quality, stimulating Italian language lessons for all needs and all ages in a warm and friendly environment! OMNILINGUA’s team of motivated teachers focus on the development of CONVERSATION SKILLS. All teachers are professionally qualified native speakers with several years of experience in teaching Italian to foreign learners and most of them are fluent in at least two other languages, including English. They choose from a range of contemporary and engaging topics to help students gain insight into modern Italian culture, society and lifestyle. OMNILINGUA ensures that students achieve a sound understanding of Italian grammar in order to improve confidence in spoken and written language. At the end of the course students receive a certificate stating the dates of the course and levels studied.