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Language category: Spanish
Country: Argentina

Linguaschools Spanish school in Buenos Aires

Tel: +5411 4941 6832

Salguero 553
San Francisco

Linguaschools Buenos Aires is proud to present her Spanish language school where you will find your home away from home. We have an enthusiastic group of quality teachers who can't wait to teach you the Spanish language and culture in the most lively city of Argentina.

You will notice the special atmosphere from the moment you walk in. Our Spanish school is located around the corner from the lively, porteņo style Plaza Almagro, which is located next to the trendy neighbourhoods Recoleta and Palermo.

We are a group of teachers devoted to the teaching of Spanish. We promote the study of Spanish abroad and encourage international cultural exchange.Our programs are directed to participants who want to discover the country, its language and its culture. They include university students and students-to-be as well as professionals needing general linguistic or specialized training.

Courses are offered throughout the year and are distinguished by their variety and flexibility with regard to dates, duration and intensity. Our courses are booked by private individuals as well as by companies and institutions. Our aim is to focus tuition on the students in a friendly and stimulating environment where they can have the opportunity to develop the linguistic skills which are necessary to gain confidence in the language. We also foster knowledge about Latin American and Spain by providing information on their cultures, societies and politics.